East Harlem/El Barrio CLT

Keep our homes, our neighborhood, our future, together!


In November of 2013, Manhattan’s Community Board 11 voted unanimously to support NYCCLI and our efforts to explore using CLTs as a model for affordable housing preservation and development.  Since then, we’ve held several exciting forums with East Harlem/El Barrio residents, and an active Residents Committee has been established.

We believe an East Harlem/El Barrio CLT could:

  • Create a stable source of housing for segments of the population currently excluded from the housing market.
  • Prevent displacement of residents currently at risk and thus stabilize the neighborhood.
  • Provide a shared focus for organizing and a framework for collaboration at neighborhood and city levels.
  • Lay the groundwork for a citywide CLT, which could support a network of local land trusts by creating subsidiaries to pool resources and by providing a path to permanent affordability and community planning.


September 2014 NYCCLI survey training in East Harlem.

Beginning in the summer of 2014, we conducted a survey of residents in East Harlem HDFC and TIL buildings. By documenting the condition of these buildings and residents’ ideas about how they can be improved, we can fight together for change.

SurveyDec122014_EastHarlem_PhotoKukkaRanta-webPicture the Homeless members Joel and Maria surveying in East Harlem in December 2014.

SurveyFeb28th2015_EastHarlem_PhotoKukkaRanta-webStudents of Professor John Krinsky at City College of New York worked with the survey team in East Harlem.

To learn more about the East Harlem/El Barrio CLT or to get involved, go to: http://www.ehebclt.org/