Technical Assistance Providers

The following NYCCLI members are citywide technical assistance (TA) organizations that provide a range of services to support community land trusts (CLTs) and other community-based organizations. If you are a NYCCLI member in need of technical support, please reach out to Elise Goldin ( or contact the TA providers below directly.

After working with a TA provider, please fill out NYCCLI’s feedback form.

City College of New York
Contacts: John Krinsky ( and Hillary Caldwell (
Contact City College for:
  • Education and training for core leadership team and/or community members (e.g., CLT 101, social housing models, planning and visioning around specific properties, organizing training, development process, housing and land-use policies, etc.)
  • Neighborhood-based and participatory action research, case studies
  • Community organizing support
  • Group-to-group learning and mentorship

CUNY Law’s Community and Economic Development Clinic
Contact: Missy Risser-Lovings (
Contact CUNY’s CED Clinic for legal counsel or workshops/trainings on:
  • Benefits of CLTs
  • Models of incubating/launching CLTs
  • CLT governance
  • CLT legal formation
  • Policy research & legal drafting
  • Coalition structuring

Hester Street
Contact: Kristen Chin (
Contact Hester Street for:
  • Popular education material and curricula
  • Data and research
  • Community Engagement
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Real Estate “Pre-Development” including visioning and feasibility
  • Support on how to create a development team

New Economy Project
Contacts: Elise Goldin (, Will Spisak (
Contact New Economy Project for:
  • CLT presentations (English/Spanish), facilitation support & train-the-trainer sessions
  • “Building a New Economy: A People’s Guide” curriculum and workshops
  • GIS mapping; property and neighborhood research
  • Policy, advocacy, and organizing/outreach support
  • Navigating NYCCLI resources + general questions!

TakeRoot Justice
Contacts: Paula Segal ( and Visnja Vujica (
Fill out the intake form and send it to
Contact TakeRoot Justice for:
  • Legal Assistance: one-on-one assistance for your group
  • Education & Training: workshops or trainings for your members or community, assistance with curriculum design, train the trainers
  • Coalition Support: facilitator training, policy training, developing membership agreements, campaign development
  • Campaign Support: policy research, development and advocacy; organizing and campaign strategy support