Mission, Core Values and Strategies


The NYC Community Land Initiative fights to preserve the right of low-income people to live in the city by supporting Community Land Trusts and other community-led housing and neighborhood development. We believe that land is a common good and that housing is a human right. Housing should be for people, not profit. Decisions about land and housing should include all community members, and prioritize people with extremely low incomes, who are homeless or otherwise in dire need of housing and not served by the private market. NYCCLI provides technical support and engages in research, popular education, grassroots organizing, and advocacy.


  • Housing is a human right.
  • Community development practices should benefit communities.
  • People directly affected by community land-use decisions should play a central role in decision-making.
  • Public resources should be allocated equitably, according to need.
  • Housing should be for people, not for profit.
  • We can control markets, not have markets control us.


  • Conducting research, education, and outreach on CLTs and forms of resident controlled, non-speculative housing.
  • Building capacity of people directly affected by housing instability and displacement to effectively participate in the creation of CLTs in NYC.
  • Engaging in community and coalition organizing among diverse stakeholders.
  • Launching a pilot project in East Harlem/El Barrio that will form the basis for replication throughout NYC.
  • Creating CLTs in combination with mutual housing and limited-equity cooperatives that preserve existing affordable housing and generate new units.
  • Identifying viable financing and land/building acquisition strategies.
  • Identifying and advocating for public policies that support creation and financing of permanently affordable, community-controlled housing.