Our Work

Expanding Community Land Trusts in New York City is a big and complex goal, so we have organized work groups to focus on different aspects of NYCCLI’s efforts.


The housing crisis is big, and the community land trust model is complex, so this work group is focused on creating and sharing popular-education materials to facilitate discussion around these ideas with various audiences. We’re also focused on identifying new organizations and individuals that should be part of the conversation, working collaboratively to create CLTs that meet the needs of diverse communities.


How can and should government support community land trusts and development led by directly-impacted communities? What policies need to be changed — or created — to facilitate the creation and expansion of CLTs? NYCCLI’s Policy & Advocacy work group tackles these and other questions, and spearheads development of the alliance’s policy platform and strategy.  Working with the NYCCLI board, the work group prepares public testimony and meets with elected officials and city agencies, on behalf of NYCCLI. To get involved, contact Susan Shin at susan@neweconomynyc.org.