Spring 2021 CLT Events

May 20, 6pm: CLT 101 Workshop – Affordable Homeownership

May 25, 10am: Groups urge expansion of Citywide CLT Initiative, at Council budget hearing

May 22: East New York CLT – Community Survey Day

May 25, 6pm: Community Briefing: Why Abolish the Tax Lien Sale?

May 26, 4pm: East Harlem Public Health Workshop: CLTs & Public Banking

May 26, 6pm: Strengthening the Solidarity & Cooperative Economy in NYC: Rebuilding with Our Powers Combined (CEANYC)

June 5: Bronx CLT Outreach Day 

June 12, 11am: East New York CLT – Anti-Gentrification Walking Tour and BBQ

Check back for more events organized by NYCCLI member groups!